Further support to sustainable (re)integration of returnees in Serbia



Further support to sustainable (re)integration of returnees in Serbia

Training for greenhouse production – Pirot and Dimitrovgrad

Training sessions for greenhouse production were conducted in Pirot and Dimitrovgrad, along with the monitoring of installed greenhouses and seedlings, which are now progressing well.

We had discussions with the beneficiaries regarding crop cultivation, increasing market placement, air and soil humidity, appropriate greenhouse temperatures, and other related topics.

In Pirot and Dimitrovgrad, 15 beneficiaries each received a greenhouse with the necessary equipment.

In the previous period, basic business training sessions were held for 27 beneficiaries of the project in Dimitrovgrad and 25 beneficiaries in Pirot. During these sessions, participants acquired skills and knowledge for developing their business ideas and writing business plans. Additionally, the training covered modern agricultural management practices and greenhouse production techniques.

The training covered the following topics:

Plant species and cultivation: Understanding different plant species grown in greenhouses, as well as their specific requirements in terms of temperature, humidity, lighting, nutrition, and space for growth. Techniques for planting, transplanting, fertilizing, and pruning plants were also covered.

Climate conditions: Controlling climate conditions in greenhouses, including temperature, air humidity, ventilation, and lighting. Understanding how these factors affect plant growth and development is crucial for achieving optimal production conditions.

Irrigation and plant nutrition: Proper irrigation techniques in greenhouses and providing adequate nutrition for plants are of utmost importance. Participants learned about various irrigation methods (such as drip irrigation) and gained an understanding of the essential nutrients needed for healthy plant growth.

Plant health and pest control: Beneficiaries were taught how to identify signs of diseases, harmful insects, and other pests to effectively maintain plant health. They were acquainted with preventive measures for plant protection and effective methods for pest and disease control.

Technology and automation: Advanced technology is increasingly being used in greenhouse production to enhance efficiency and results. Understanding climate control systems, automated irrigation systems, lighting, and plant monitoring contributes to process optimization. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about this topic during the training.

Planning and management: Acquiring knowledge about planning and organization is essential for successful greenhouse production. Beneficiaries learned about time management, production cycle planning, inventory management, cost tracking, and result analysis.

Environmental awareness: With a focus on sustainable agriculture, beneficiaries gained essential knowledge about environmentally friendly production.

After the lectures, the 15 most successful candidates with the best business plans were awarded a 100m2 greenhouse with the corresponding equipment, as well as mentoring support in production and business development.